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CoinAvia Wallet is a bitcoin light wallet. In order to use our wallet, a client needs to create an account on CoinAvia. We do not store any personal data. CoinAvia is designed to give our clients an opportunity to manage all of their assets in one place and securely interact with the blockchains of featured coins and tokens.
You can simply complete the registration process in order to create a free CoinAvia wallet. To create a free CoinAvia wallet click this registration link Register
Our values correspond with ideas of freedom and decentralization, intrinsic to the whole crypto environment. You don’t have to entrust the management of your funds to a bank or any other third party. This is how blockchain works. If you want to enjoy its benefits in the smoothest way, welcome to CoinAvia!
It is possible to use your CoinAvia wallet on more than one device but this is not advisable unless the devices are owned and managed by you to prevent exposing your passcode to a third party leading to vulnurability of your CoinAvia wallet.


CoinAvia is a non-custodial service that does not store any of our customers’ private information: private keys, backup files, except passwords. Due to this, we are able to help you recover your lost password - we have no way of knowing what it is because it is encrypted but we have provided a means for you to reset it. This is done in order to prevent loss of funds and crypto assets.
In order to reset your CoinAvia password. Simply click this forgot password link provided here Forgot password. You will recieve a password reset link which expires immidiately after use or ignored after 30 minutes.
Do not disclose your password to any third party. Your CoinAvia password is highly encrypted and cannot be accessed by any third party except you disclose it.

CoinAvia Card

The CoinAvia card is made available to exclusive customers who have been able to store and hold a minimum of 2.27 BTC for a minimum of six (6) months. Once this condition is satisfied, the customer can request for the CoinAvia card to spend his/her funds, instantly converting crypto assets into fiat and shopping online.
You cannot order the CoinAvia Card for someone under the age of 18. However, you can order the CoinAvia Card under your own name and add an authorized user to your CoinAvia Card account, with a minimum age of at least 18 years old. The maximum number of additional cards permitted is three (3).
This message means that you have generated too many invoices in a short period of time. If it happens again, please wait a few minutes and try again.
If you do not use your CoinAvia Card for 90 days, a $5.00 USD dormancy fee is charged each month until you use your CoinAvia Card is again.

To avoid a dormancy fee, make a purchase using your CoinAvia Card at least once every 90 days. You can use your CoinAvia Card almost anywhere VISA is accepted.

If your account becomes dormant and you incur dormancy fees, your account balance will never become negative.

For example, if your balance is $6.00 USD when the account becomes dormant, $5.00 USD will be debited the first month and another $1.00 USD will be debited the next month if no deposit is made. If you have $2.00 USD in your CoinAvia card account and you incur a $5.00 USD dormancy fee, your account will only be debited $2.00 USD, bringing your balance to $0.00 USD. Your CoinAvia Card balance will not become negative because of dormancy fees. After you load funds onto your CoinAvia card again, the system will not collect the balance of the dormancy fee that it was previously unable to collect.


CoinAvia has gone to great lengths to ensure your data and transactions are protected and remain private for your eyes only. Although your private keys never leave your computer or mobile device, CoinAvia takes extra steps to safeguard even the simplest things like your settings, currency preferences, theme choices, background color, etc. along with your transaction and exchange information. Because this information is personal to you and not stored on a public blockchain, CoinAvia encrypts this data with a password, only known to you, to keep this information private and secure even when using CoinAvia across multiple devices.
Whenever you reach out to CoinAvia Support for assistance, we keep a record of our conversations to better assist you over the entire length of your experience as our customer.

CoinAvia only collects information you directly give us on our website via email or other correspondence as required to provide customer support.


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